Petra Einhäuser 24 nov 2008



her Grommit bag its belly can carry so much!

Petra's favorite piece: her Grommit bag its belly can carry so much!

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Marital status: In a relationship

Citizenship: German

Occupation: I am not a designer I consider myself more a merchandiser

Zone where do you live?:  Viale Cadore / Viale Umbria

What are you wearing today? Skirt wore as a dress is a design of my own, cashmere shirt Havana, tights Calzedonia, shoes Chlöé, bra Victoria Secret

Where did you get it? The skirt is part of my own production and the shirt is part of the merchandise I sell, the tights in Calzedonia and the shoes at Vergelio

Where do you shop the most? Mostly I wear clothes from my own production and things I am selling from other companies, denim I get from my boyfriend who works in the sector and other accesories I buy by myself in different stores. Sometimes I get some clothes in H&M.

Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? My Gromit bag that I’ve had for 15 years, then I would say some pair of shoes.

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? Black, and prints only if a get kitschy prints like kidswear prints.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? I like Vivienne Westwood, but I actually don’t follow any designer. I like more artists like Murakami, but not thing really related to clothing.

Frequented restaurants: Charlie Brown because is just around the corner.

Frequented bars: Cheese for aperitivo.

Favorite drink: Strawberry Colada, Vodka Redbull and if I get until the end I can drink tequila.

Frequented clubs: I like Glitter.

Concerts you have gone last year: James Blunt as a gift that I gave to Tessie (my evil stepdaughter)

Bands or musical artists you rather listen to: Söhne Mannheims, Skin, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Guns & Roses, Snoop Dog, Tracey Chapman and Randy Crawford.

Cities you have traveled to this year: Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Zurich, Lugano, Utrecht, Nice

What motivated you to go there? They were business trips.  However L.A. was for pleasure I’ve been going there since I’m 10 years old.

Which media do you prefer to get close to fashion? The street, movies what’s happening around me. Sometimes I look at the internet or magazines, but not particular magazines, there’s too much advertising on them.

Do you have any hobbies, practice any sport, etc? Dance lessons: for example hip hop.


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