Annarita Celano 25 nov 2008

I just felt it had to be horizontal - look at her work!I  I just felt it had to be horizontal – color!



A favorite: greek inspired dress

Subject: Annarita Celano

Gender: Female

Age: 40ish

Marital status: Single

Citizenship: Italian

Occupation: Womenswear designer

Area where you live:  Viale Mecenate

What are you wearing today? Old jeans, jumper Bottega Veneta, shoes Prada, belt from my own collection, Bag Bottega Veneta,

Where did you get it? I bought them all at the stores, but the belt

Where do you shop the most? Since I wear a lot of the things I design, I don’t have to go shopping so often, but most of my shoes are from Prada in which I feel very comfortable and my bags from Bottega Veneta.

Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? A vintage fur coat from Missoni, a black leather coat from Gucci by Tom Ford, a Dolce & Gabbana gown and from my own collection a black one shoulder Greek dress.

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? I wear a lot of colors, I am not a black person. I like blue, white and green for spring and neutral shades like pale pink, beige, camel.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? Lanvin at this moment. For other reasons I like Dolce & Gabbana, we share the same philosophy in design: sexy woman. Theirs has more impact, mine is more subtle.

Frequented restaurants: Nobu. For fish Rocco and when I feel like eating meat Il Giardino Segreto.

Frequented bars: I’m over the aperitivo thing. If I have to go for a coffee I like Sissi.

Favorite drink: I would say Vodka Tonic, and Cosmopolitan.

Frequented clubs: Divina on Saturdays for the Gloss night.

Concerts you have gone last year: I haven’t gone this year. I thought about Madonna but right now she’s not at her best.

Bands or musical artists you rather listen to: My all times classics are Massive Attack and Fiona Apple. I’m still into the 90’s music and house. But music always depends on the mood.

Cities you have traveled to this year: I went to London, Russia and Greece.

What motivated you to go there? Greece was for pleasure, the others for work.

Which media do you prefer to get close to fashion? I like traveling, see what is around when I am walking down the streets. That’s inspiring. Of course I check what others designers are doing on magazines, so if there’s a direction to follow I might do it or do the opposite.

Do you have any hobbies, practice any sport, etc? I like practicing wet board but I had to stop it because of an accident I had by doing it. I also do tennis, swimming and yoga.


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