Simona Tamassia 27 nov 2008



Simona customizes her H&M shoes with lace ribbons

Simona customizes her H&M shoes with lace ribbons


like butterflies in a net, Simona's one of a kind accessories.

like butterflies in a net, Simona's "one of a kind" accessories

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Marital status: In a relationship

Citizenship: Italian

Occupation:  Freelance Fashion Consultant

Zone where do you live?  Via Morimondo, just in the showroom area.

What are you wearing today? Coat vintage, jacket and trousers costum made, costumized H&M shoes, handmade hat, necklace Aonia

Where did you get it? The coat in a vintage shop in Berlin, the others where costum made by friends or my mommy!

 Where do you shop the most? I feel schizophrenic with the shopping, I don’t go to specific places religiously. I just couldn’t say… It’s where coolness leads me, but just my own personal perception of coolness. Sometimes I just wear things that are out of season. I would go more to vintage stores but here in Milan there’s not good and cheap ones.

 Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? A Bouddica dress, some of my Marithé François Girbaud jackets

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? Green and Black. I like prints but still I haven’t found the right piece for me.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? Sonia Rykiel is my classic, like for others would be Chanel. Conceptually I like Gareth Pugh and Rodarte. I like Boudicca since the very beginning. I just got a lot of favorites… If I were tall I would like to wear the Jil Sander blue fringes dress. Oh! And I love Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy!

 Frequented restaurants: Niccola Cavallaro in Via Ludovico Il Moro. Is totally not fashion. But I consider he’s an innovative chef, and I like what he does with Italian cuisine.

 Frequented bars: Rita, they make the best cocktails.

Favorite drink: Right now Moscow Mule, and I also like drinking wine.

Frequented clubs: Everywhere where Punks wears Prada is done and Natasha Slater plays music. I also like going to Magazzini Generali to Pink is Punk, Marcelo’s party and Plastic.

Concerts you have gone last year: I just remember going to a small gig of Cazals in 400.


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