Sylvie Gurschler 30 Nov 2008


She was obsessed with this jacket that later got for less in a sample sale

She was obsessed with this jacket that later got for less in a sample sale

vintage knickers.

An all time favorite: vintage knickers.

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Marital status: Engaged

Citizenship: Austrian

Occupation: P.R. Press Officer

Zone where do you live?  Corso Genova

What are you wearing today? I’m a totally vintage person and always dress like in an Austrian way. Today I’m wearing a vintage vest from my mom, t-shirt Bastard, leggings American Apparel, vintage H&M lace vest, Mauro Leone boots (It’s the only place where I can find decent shoes) and my Bambi Eats Frog necklace.

Where did you get it? Each season my mom gives to me a bunch of clothes from her wardrobe so the vest comes from there, the t-shirt is a present from the people of the brand since I worked for them, the rest from the respective stores.

Where do you shop the most? My mom’s wardrobe is very important; most of the things I wear come from there. But I always go to the vintage stores in Ticinese and Navigli. I also get a lot of stuff from the fast fashion retailers and some other things from sample sales like my new jacket I just got yesterday.

Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? A silk short with lace inserts I got from my mom and it is perfect for summer, and my new jacket.

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? I would say white and coral red.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? I love Vivienne Westwood shoes and boots and Bottega Veneta bags, I also like Etro and Miu Miu. I really like the style of Costume National and Marc Jacobs clothes.

Frequented restaurants: Zio Pesce is the best restaurant on the world and it’s just on the corner of my house. The relation price/quality is super good.

Frequented bars: During summer I like to go to Tabaccheria in Ticinese. I also like Café Busterla and Cucchi. And 400 where I did an exhibition.

Favorite drink: Beer.

Frequented clubs: I would say Magazzini Generali. Especially for Pink is Punk, but anyways everybody is doing concerts and parties there so I would say there is where I go the most.

Concerts you have gone last year: MGMT I’m in love with them, they’re great. Blanche Alchemie, Justice, Sebastien Tellier, Hercules & Love Affair, Roisìn Murphy in the Gucci party, Daft Punk. I went to many others but I don’t remember right now.

Bands or musical artists you rather listen to: I really like French musicians and I’m definitely a groupie of Blanche Alchemie. I also like Emilie Simon, Paris Combo, Vincent Delerm, Emiliana Torrini and Camille, that’s super important to mention.

Cities you have traveled to this year: Biarritz, Innsbruck, Havana and Desenzano.

What motivated you to go there? Biarritz was for work, the other just for fun.

Which media do you prefer to get close to fashion? Blogs, all kind of blogs: my favorite is that includes a good balance of architecture, music, fashion, and design. I also read The Cut of The New York Magazine.  The magazines that I always read are PIG, Vice and Vogue.

Do you have any hobbies, practice any sport, etc? I love running in summer and doing snowboard during winter, those are the sports that I can do. I also do my jewelry line called Bambi Eats Frog, Storyteller Jewelry. But I enjoy going to exhibitions, discovering some new stuff walking around the city although I already know all Milan. I also like hanging out in Hoepli and going out.


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