Giuliano Deidda 14 nov 2008


Conscious or not giuliano's style has some british irony.

Conscious or not, Giuliano's style has some-kind of british irony

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Marital status: Single

Citizenship: Italian

Occupation: Freelance Journalist

Zone where do you live?  Porta Genova

What are you wearing today? Shoes Adidas, Jumper Henry Cotton, Shirt Coast Weber Haus, Jeans Prada

Where did you get it? The shoes I bought them in the Adidas Store in Rio de Janeiro, the shirt in a press sample sale, the rest were gifts from the P.R.

Where do you shop the most? Sometimes from the press sample sales of the designers, but I usually don’t buy anything in Milan since I work everyday seeing clothes. So when I go abroad I think things are different and new. When I go to Paris I like to buy pieces in Agnès B, A.P.C and Kiliwatch a second hand store that also includes some new things.

Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? I think I don’t have any favorite piece, but I recently bought a tartan duffle coat that I quite like and wear very often.

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? Navy blue and green shades like military and olive green. I own a lot of argyle jumpers.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? I think that Paul Smith is my favorite in menswear. The clothes are classic but new. It has a very good sense in the use of color and  it can be stereotyped  British but it is also very original.

Frequented restaurants: I like a Japanese restaurant in Piazza Cantore called Cacao and a Chinese restaurant near to Via Larga.

Frequented bars: Atomic Bar, but I used to like it better before. Mono and Papagayo the people working in there is really nice and always offers me a beer. It’s also kinda of unexpected who can show there.

Favorite drink: Beer or Mirto a liquor from Sardinia.

Frequented clubs: I like Glitter even if I don’t go out that much in Milan. I think the laces are spoiled. I used to go to Gasoline.

Concerts you have gone last year: I went to a festival in Paris, Rock en Seine in which there were a lot of artists and bands. Besides that I cannot really remember.

Bands or musical artists you rather listen to: My favorite band is almost unknown is called Gene and is from the 90’s. But I also like Blur, The Smiths, New Order, Kylie Minogue and Kim Wilde… A very strange mix.

Cities you have traveled to this year: Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Paris, Blumenau (in Brazil) Moscow, Cologne, Berlin and Florence.

What motivated you to go there? All of them besides Paris was for work.

Which media do you prefer to get close to fashion? I don’t know if I believe in Internet for fashion, however I visit Style and I really like magazines. My favorite are L’Officiel Homme, Arena Homme Plus and Details (more for the content than for the editorials)

Do you have any hobbies, practice any sport, etc? I go to the gym, but I don’t like it. I like to listen to music, I even tried to do music by myself with computers and softwares but it takes a lot of time to learn and do it very good.


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