“if I could do anything I wanted to do, I’d like to go to the interior of the planet earth and there discover unspoiled monsters”

We will take a closer look into fashion insiders living and working in Milan to discover the unspoiled monsters walking around town.

It will be a terrifying act! starring fancy monsters and their portraits.

Don’t miss the show.

The Fancy Horror Picture Show was part of the thesis research for the Fashion Communication Master at IED in Milan in which the authors were enrolled.

Renata Escorihuela

Responsible for the pictures of the show, is an Advertising Communications graduate with experience in both publishing and advertising fields. Having worked for advertising agencies handling international accounts while exhibiting and publishing her photographic work; finally in Milan she’s focusing on her desire of creating concepts and images for fashion communication.

Daniel D’Armas

Responsible for the words in the show, is an expert in Modern Languages with experience in both editorial and commercial publishing. His passion for fashion is focused on an intensive research of all that is related to it and this knowledge comes alive on his practices of journalism and styling.


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  1. you guys rock!!! i loved the blog, congrats!! (L)

  2. Hey Guys,

    seems this site is ‘dead’ but in case one of u check from time to time comments, please write me back – I have an idea for u

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