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Party Monsters dancing with Scavullo

As you should have read in our about page this blog was part of a research about the style of people working in Milan’s fashion industry. Soon after this project  we found jobs, we were interns, assistants, blah blah blah and never found the time to post our findings. We identified three ideal groups, that related to fashion according to the publicity of their line of work: the A-listers (PR people), the Dreamers (mostly editors and journalists) and the Bon-Tons (mostly designers). We made a short video to introduce the groups, I hope you enjoy it!

We also did a photoshoot with photographer Settimio Benedusi and three of our key subjects. Will post it soon!

If you live in Milan and find yourself portrayed in the video please don’t worry it was made with the sole purpose of presenting our findings, and we have no interest in broadcasting it any further than this blog.

Special thanks to all the fancy monsters!


Simona Tamassia 27 nov 2008



Simona customizes her H&M shoes with lace ribbons

Simona customizes her H&M shoes with lace ribbons


like butterflies in a net, Simona's one of a kind accessories.

like butterflies in a net, Simona's "one of a kind" accessories

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Marital status: In a relationship

Citizenship: Italian

Occupation:  Freelance Fashion Consultant

Zone where do you live?  Via Morimondo, just in the showroom area.

What are you wearing today? Coat vintage, jacket and trousers costum made, costumized H&M shoes, handmade hat, necklace Aonia

Where did you get it? The coat in a vintage shop in Berlin, the others where costum made by friends or my mommy!

 Where do you shop the most? I feel schizophrenic with the shopping, I don’t go to specific places religiously. I just couldn’t say… It’s where coolness leads me, but just my own personal perception of coolness. Sometimes I just wear things that are out of season. I would go more to vintage stores but here in Milan there’s not good and cheap ones.

 Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? A Bouddica dress, some of my Marithé François Girbaud jackets

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? Green and Black. I like prints but still I haven’t found the right piece for me.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? Sonia Rykiel is my classic, like for others would be Chanel. Conceptually I like Gareth Pugh and Rodarte. I like Boudicca since the very beginning. I just got a lot of favorites… If I were tall I would like to wear the Jil Sander blue fringes dress. Oh! And I love Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy!

 Frequented restaurants: Niccola Cavallaro in Via Ludovico Il Moro. Is totally not fashion. But I consider he’s an innovative chef, and I like what he does with Italian cuisine.

 Frequented bars: Rita, they make the best cocktails.

Favorite drink: Right now Moscow Mule, and I also like drinking wine.

Frequented clubs: Everywhere where Punks wears Prada is done and Natasha Slater plays music. I also like going to Magazzini Generali to Pink is Punk, Marcelo’s party and Plastic.

Concerts you have gone last year: I just remember going to a small gig of Cazals in 400.