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Party Monsters dancing with Scavullo

As you should have read in our about page this blog was part of a research about the style of people working in Milan’s fashion industry. Soon after this project  we found jobs, we were interns, assistants, blah blah blah and never found the time to post our findings. We identified three ideal groups, that related to fashion according to the publicity of their line of work: the A-listers (PR people), the Dreamers (mostly editors and journalists) and the Bon-Tons (mostly designers). We made a short video to introduce the groups, I hope you enjoy it!

We also did a photoshoot with photographer Settimio Benedusi and three of our key subjects. Will post it soon!

If you live in Milan and find yourself portrayed in the video please don’t worry it was made with the sole purpose of presenting our findings, and we have no interest in broadcasting it any further than this blog.

Special thanks to all the fancy monsters!


Erikka S. Bahnsen 01 dic 2008



Signora Gufalotta was a gift from a friend.

"Signora Gufalotta" was a gift from a friend.

Subject: Erikka S. Bahnsen

Gender: Female

Age: It’s just a number

Marital status: Single

Citizenship: Danish

Occupation: Womenswear designer

Zone where do you live?:  Via Solari

What are you wearing today? Fur coat, dress and shoes vintage, lace vintage Oscar de la Renta jacket, Topshop belt, jewelry done by myself and bag a gift.

Where did you get it? Besides the bag tha was a present from a friend, the belt from Topshop and the jewelry that I made by myself, the rest was bough by me in different vintage shops around the world.

Where do you shop the most? I like to go to vintage shops and markets, I actually really enjoy it, I find it interesting like looking for treasures and since I don’t like to buy mainstream stuff I would say that vintage fits me very well.

Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? I would say that my favorite piece is a vintage sequins dress with leopard print from Miami that a friend gave to me as a present.

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? Although today I’m wearing a lot of black, and lately I bough some pieces in that color I actually wear a lot of colors. My black is red. I’m fascinated by colors, I really like them I don’t understand if there are so many you would choose to wear only black, that’s against my ideology.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer? I would say that it depends from season to season: In Haute Couture for sure Christian Lacroix, he is the ongoing King of Couture, while the others sometimes fail he’s always right. Lacroix always makes precious statements. In ready to wear I like the work of Jean Charles de Castelbajac. In a more serious way of dressing I like Etro, Versace, I really like Marni and Miu Miu.

Frequented restaurants: I like a really really nice one called Bruschetta at the back of Duomo and I also enjoy having tapas in Tasca.

Frequented bars: I come often to Exploit and go to Tasca to have sangria.

Favorite drink: Rossini

Frequented clubs: Plastic, Magazzini Generali for Pink is Punk and Punks wear Prada.

Concerts you have gone last year: Cat Power and Lenny Kravitz, but I can’t really remember others.

Bands or musical artists you rather listen to: I am very bad when it comes to names in music. But I really love music: everything from pop to Dolly Parton, but rough electronic music.

Cities you have traveled to this year: London, Danemark.

What motivated you to go there? Just pleasure.

Which media do you prefer to get close to fashion? Actually I prefer magazines than the internet. I do look at the internet but it’s more for work reasons. I like taking a magazine and cutting it. But I don’t like those that are filled with advertising and commercial images, I rather buying those with art content. When I go to the Internet I check Style.com, Iqons and Diane Pernet’s blog. I do like books, I could buy lots and lots of books I find them inspirational. My favorites are the ones published by Die Gestalten Verlag.

Do you have any hobbies, practice any sport, etc? I think there is nothing. I just like my work and it comes from my artistic point of view. I feel like I’m more ina an artistic scene. I could be considered the Queen of Collage, I like cutting and then pasting and then I print giant collages in canvases. Right now I’m looking forward to do another exhibition. I also do embroidery, and jewelry and right now I’m collaborating with a friend in a interior decoration project in which we do furniture, carpets, etc in a half and a half basis.

Arthur Arbesser 01 dic 2008


Arthur got this sneakers in market in China are they real? he doesn't now.

Arthur got his sneakers in a market in China. Are they real? he doesn't know

 Subject: Arthur Arbesser

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Marital status: In a relationship

Citizenship: Austrian

Occupation: Womenswear designer

Zone where do you live?:  Cinque Giornate

What are you wearing today? Trainers Nike, jeans and t-shirt vintage Helmut Lang, cardigan James Perse, scarf Henrik Vibskov.

Where did you get it? The shoes I bought in Hong Kong in a street where they sell originals and counteirfeit so I don’t really know if they are originals. The cardigan in Los Angeles, the scarf in a trip to Berlin and the jeans and t-shirt in the Helmut Lang shop in Vienna back in the days there was one.

Where do you shop the most? Right now I really don’t like to spend money in clothes anymore, sometimes I buy stuff in markets I actually enjoy buying special pieces when I’m traveling, that’s nice. I also get some clothes from friends that don’t wear them anymore so they give them to me. When I want to buy something nice, for example Jil Sander, I go to the sample sales.

Favorite pieces in your wardrobe? A pair of boots I bought in Camdem Market when I was studying.

Which color (or prints) dominates your wardrobe? There are a lot of stripes in my wardrobe, and I wear quite a lot of colors green, blues, I don’t wear a lot of black, even if today I’m wearing black jeans. I also love just plain white t-shirts.

Is there a designer or brand that you prefer?  I don’t follow any designer, however I think Jil Sander and Marni menswear is great. And i dont know if it fits but i also love Muji’s clothes.

Frequented restaurants:  Da Oscar in via Palazzi. Osteria dei Poeti in Corso Garibaldi and Casottel in Via Fabio Massimo, where Signora Isa cooks amazing food.

Frequented bars: Bar Basso, Atomic and any bar if there are friends.

Favorite drink: Negroni Sbagliato and lots more.

Frequented clubsI love Glitter, it’s my favorite. There are so many stories in that place. I like Pink is Punk only when it’s downstairs, and La Nuova Idea if you’re in the mood and with the right group of people.

Concerts you have gone last year: I can’t remember, but it’s bad because they’re all during the week when I’m still recovering from the weekend.

Bands or musical artists you rather listen to: Classic music like Mozart and Wagner. But I also love Roxy Music, ABBA, old Cher, Blur, Pulp, New Order etc, etc. Just music with emotions..fun or sad…and music that makes you dance!

Cities you have traveled to this year: Shangai, Hangzhou, New York, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Vienna, Paris and some cities in Italy.

What motivated you to go there? China, New York and Los Angeles work, the rest was more for pleasure.

Which media do you prefer to get close to fashion? I am old school and I still like magazines or print media, I like the way they’re made. I actually look at them to see how people interpret fashion. I like Numéro and Vogue Italia. I also check some websites like Vogue.co.uk and Style. But i think my favourite way to get close to fashion are books..in a great library..like the one in college in London.

Do you have any hobbies, practice any sport, etc? I pay for a gym and I try to go there as much as possible. I also do Pilates lessons. I enjoy cooking and dancing on weekends and going to flea markets to find new stuff for my apartment.